State of the art technology

We have the state of the art technology and machine in thermoforming industry. We aim to make high quality and environmental friendly products.


Plastic resin is melted and extruded through a T-die to become a thermoelastic sheet, which is then rolled up after cooling. With help of Co-extruders, the machine allows to process with multi-layer sheets. The recycling film can be incorporated in the middle layer.

Materials used: PP, PS, PET, PE, PLA


The sheet roll is fed into the thermoforming machine where it is heated, the thermos-elastic sheet is then stretched forward in the tool and molded by compressed air, cooled down and punched.

The cups are ejected and stacked, then further processed or packed, depending on the repestive application. The sketeton sheet is grinded at the machine inline and later processed as raw material into the middle layer during sheet extrusion thank to the feedblock structure of 3 layers on extrusion line (B/A/B, BA, AB).

Materials used: thermo-elastic sheet made from PS, PP, PET, R-PET

Products: cups, yogurt cups, lids, trays, and boxes


Along with the shape, product quality and function, the outer appearance of a product is also very important to determine the attention of customers and marketing. Therefore, the artwork also plays a critical role in the decision to purchase.

To meet this requirement, we have invested high quality 6-8 colors offset printing machine from Switzerland (Polytype AG).

This indirect flat printing process involves applying the ink to a rectangular plate using a rubber blanket. This transfers the color to the product, up to 8 inking units can be used here.