Looking for custom or stock disposable plastic food packaging that ranks high in consumer satisfaction? Uy Kiet thermoformed plastic food containers are the solution. Working with some of the largest processors, brand owners and supermarkets has given us broad custom design expertise along with a diverse line of stock food packaging that lets our customers’ products stand out on shelves. Whether you’re searching for sustainable packaging solutions, such as our containers produced from eco-PET material from post-consumer bottles and thermoforms, or microwavable or freezable options, we have the products that can fit your specific applications


Looking for highly protective, engaging packaging that helps promote your brand and grow your bottom line? Our vast, rich experience in custom and stock retail packaging gives our customers an excellent advantage in the crowded retail market place.


We also provide solutions for medical packaging that suite your highly demanding requirements.

We know that medical packaging need to be safe and protecting.  Which is why our medical packaging design process is tailored to provide high quality, customized solutions that meet tight tolerances and tighter timelines. Offering nothing less than uncompromising precision with a highly collaborative approach to design are just some of the reasons why you should work with us.


Is there a perfect solution to your packaging challenges? At Uy Kiet, we believe there is.

Too often, companies settle for stock packaging because a custom solution takes time, money or expertise they don’t have. Uy Kiet removes those barriers to your market success by offering you the best value: hassle-free custom solutions that protect, preserve and better present your products. By engaging you in the process and focusing on results, we deliver tailor-made thermoformed packaging that solves your specific problems and gives you a competitive edge.